Name: Khodia
Surname: MBYE ERSOY Age: 35
Place of birth: Neuilly-Sur-Seine
Civil status: Married
Medeni hal: Evli
Mother of 4 years old child (love of my life)
Studied tourism and travel services.
Serial Entrepreneur
Dynamic and reckless, about 8 years ago I left everything to settle in Turkey.
Wondering why Turkey?
Even myself at the time I did not know.
By chance at the start and than it became a real admiration.
This country looks like me .. I look like this country.
Full of life and madness.
Every day a new epic.
After scouring expat jobs in the early years. I worked in a large luxury furniture company, export sector.
It was a real very enriching experience but my last as an employee.
Since then I have launched into the beautiful (and sometimes challenging) entrepreneurship.
First, the opening of an online boutique for jewelry and fashion accessories made in Turkey
Quality, chic, elegance, originality at low prices.
Subsequently by launching a platform of online French courses and in the center.
Turks are very demanding and have a real love for French culture and language.
My 3rd project is the creation of a Consulting company called AFTUCO which stands for AFRIKA TÜRKIYE EKSPER CONSULTING.
Initially this project only targeted Africans and Turks. But we have decided to broaden the vision in view of the growing demand on the European side..
Each day that God creates my team and I refine and pamper these 3 projects in order to see them grow and flourish
I would like to add that these companies were launched 3 years ago simultaneously.
Nothing is impossible, when we give ourselves the means.
Always work with the heart.
These are my mottos...
I fall asleep every night with lots of projects in mind and wake up with the desire to make them happen as soon as possible ... (always in a hurry).

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