. Analysis and understanding of your needs.
    . Advice and support until finalization of your projects.
    . Broad network of partners operating in various sectors.

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  • Invest in Turkey

    The Turkish market is drawn by:
    1. The industrial weight of the country, which benefits all sectors related to equipment, transport equipment, industrial processing - textile, automotive, food industry, products ...

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  • Invest in Africa

    Africa is full of many untapped natural resources. As you can see, his growing demographics are both a hand ...

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  • To settle in Turkey

    The majority of new residents of Turkey come
    from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland,
    Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria,
    Belgium, France and the United States as well as several ...

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  • Partners Network

    We connect our customers with our valued partners who provide exceptional service. they enjoy several benefits such as ...

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  • Freight and Transport Kargos

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Welcome AFTUCO

AFTUCO, Turkey with all the French-speaking, English-speaking, Arabic-speaking and Turkish-speaking is a company that specializes in commercial and economic relations between African and Middle Eastern countries.

Our main task is to assist you by providing advice and assistance at various stages of your project.

The AFTUCO team accompanies you in all your administrative, commercial and logistics steps that lead you to the best opportunities.

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